Discover the Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to tea tree oil, it has many natural benefits, if used as directed, it helps to kill various bacteria as well as support in improving the health of your skin. 

Although FDA does not regulate the manufacturing and quality standards of essential oils. But still different researches can assess the health benefits of these isles. You should seek reviews from health care professionals to receive any Essential Oil Day benefits. And use of quality products of good brands should be preferred. Before using any new essential oil, it is important to do a patch test.

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also one of the essential oils that can be very beneficial for the health of your hair, skin and nails. Also, tea tree oil is very beneficial when used as directed and is also cheaper than other oils. In this article, we are going to describe the various benefits of tea tree oil that have been observed for hair, skin and nails depending on its use.

What is Tea Tree Oil and What are the Amazing Benefits of Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of a tree native to Queensland and New South Wales in Australia. This tree is known as Melaleuca alternifolia. Melaleuca alternifolia is called tea tree oil. In centuries past, Australians used tea tree oil as a traditional medicine. The natives of Australia first grind the leaves of the tea tree oil, then extract the oil and use it. It was then used by inhalation or applied directly to the skin to treat coughs and colds.

In today's modern age, tea tree oil is available in 100 percent pure, purified or diluted form. In addition, tea tree oil is used in products designed for the skin from 5 to 50%.

Tea tree oil contains various compounds such as teripenen that help kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. At the same time, teripenen increases the activity of white cells in the blood. which help in fighting germs and various external invaders. Due to the antimicrobial properties and amazing benefits of tea tree oil, tea tree oil is known as a natural remedy for treating bacterial and fungal infections, preventing infection and healing.

Here we will learn about some amazing benefits and uses of tea tree oil.

1 :- Hand Sanitizer

Tea tree oil is an ideal and natural hand sanitizer. Various studies have shown that tea tree oil helps kill a variety of bacteria and viruses that cause various diseases. For example, E. coli, pneumonia and H. influenza.
In fact, one study found that tea tree oil added to hand washes increased their effectiveness against E. coli.
Various studies have shown that hand sanitizers containing tea tree oil are effective in hand disinfection. They have the ability to kill bacteria without antibiotics.

2 :- Insect Repellent

Pesky insects can also be kept away with the help of tea tree oil. A study was conducted on some cows in which half of them were treated with tea tree oil. And the results that were obtained showed that cows treated with tea tree oil had up to 60 percent fewer flies than other cows.

Tea tree oil is also used to protect agricultural produce from ants. It also helps repel mosquitoes. A test-tube study also found that tea tree oil was more effective than DEET in repelling mosquitoes. Which is considered as an important active ingredient of commercial products.

3 :- Natural Deodorant

Tea tree oil can be helpful in getting rid of underarm sweat odor due to its antibacterial effects. 
Sweat itself does not smell bad. But when secretions from sweat glands mix with bacteria on your skin, odor is created. Our underarm area contains a large amount of sweat and is the main source of our body odor. Based on its anti-bacterial properties, tea tree oil is used commercially in deodorants to prevent sweat odors.

4 :- Antiseptic For Cuts And Abrasions

Injuries that damage the skin over you make it easier for germs to enter your bloodstream, which can enter your bloodstream and cause infection. Tea tree oil is used as an antiseptic to disinfect cuts and abrasions that may cause infection.

The following steps should be followed to disinfect any wound with tea tree oil.
First clean the wound thoroughly with clean water and soap.
Take one drop of tea tree oil and mix it well with one tablespoon of coconut oil.
Apply a small amount of this mixture on the wound and cover it with a bandage.
Repeat this process once or twice a day until the wound starts to heal.

5:- Boost Healing Of Wounds 

Apart from protecting your wounds and cuts from infection, tea tree oil also promotes the healing process of your wounds.

Research shows that tea tree oil helps reduce inflammation and stimulates the production of white blood cells that help your wounds heal. Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties that help reduce inflammation in wounds and promote healing. Whenever a dressing is applied, a few drops of tea tree oil can be used with the dressing to promote healing of your wound.

6 :- Fight Against Acne

Tea tree oil can also help in getting rid of acne on our face. Various studies have shown that it is very helpful in reducing the overall amount and severity of acne.

Acne is often caused by bacteria. which have become resistant to antibiotics. The use of Tetris oil has been shown to not only inhibit the activity of bacteria but also kill them in the laboratory within 4 to 6 hours. Another study also found that tea tree oil is as effective as other traditional anti-acne medications.

Many tea tree oil products are commercially available in the market. But to prepare it at home too, mix one part tea tree oil and two parts water and mix it well and apply it on your pimples with the help of cotton once or twice a day as needed.

7 :- Fight Against Nail Fungus

Fungal infection is a common disease, it is not dangerous but it makes our nails ugly, there are many medicines for it but people prefer natural treatment.

Tea tree oil can help you get rid of nail fungus. When used alone or in combination with other natural remedies, it has little or no side effects compared to traditional medicines. You can use tea tree oil alone or in combination with coconut oil to treat fungus, remember to wash your hands thoroughly after applying it to prevent the spread of fungus.

8 :- Chemical Free Mouthwash

Nowadays, due to our diet and our daily routine, we often use chemical mouthwashes to eliminate bad breath and fight the bacteria that can cause tooth decay.

A study found that tea tree oil is more effective than traditional mouthwash against plaque-causing bacteria on our teeth and has amazing results. And his horoscope is also better than them. It is also effective in reducing gum inflammation.

To make a chemical-free mouthwash, add a drop of tea tree oil to a cup of warm water and rinse thoroughly with the water. It will give you amazing results.

9 :- Control Dandruff

Tea tree oil can also help you control the dandruff that develops in your hair. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo to get rid of dandruff or use commercially available shampoos made with tea tree oil. Because tea tree oil has slightly more acidic properties than your skin, it can help relieve dryness.

10 :- All Purpose Cleaner

Tea tree oil can also be used for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. It is also chemical-free, so it does its job without leaving marks on surfaces.

Follow the steps below to prepare an natural all-purpose cleaner from tea tree oil.
Add twenty drops of tea tree oil to one cup of water and half a cup of apple cider vinegar in a bottle and mix it well.
Spray this mixture directly on the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a clean cloth.
Always shake this mixture well before using it so that everything is mixed well.


Because of all these amazing benefits of tea tree oil, tea tree oil is used for many purposes. It is famous for its amazing results for teeth, hair and nails. It can be used as a natural remedy as compared to other chemical products. And due to its amazing benefits, it can make itself known as a good alternative to commercial products.