How Can Hair Split Ends Be Prevented?

As you have already been told that there are many hair problems, split ends are a very common hair problem that many women and men have to go through. All hair problems gradually cause hair loss and the person starts balding. There are many treatment and home remedies for dealing with split ends, but if some precautions are taken, these problems can be prevented before they start.

How Can Hair Split Ends Be Prevented?

There are many causes of hair split ends problems as.

* Use of chemicals and hair coloring.
* Different heat treatments for straightening or curling hair.
* Hair faces the challenges of the weather.
* Effects of diet.

Because there are other reasons for split ends of hair. So by preventing these causes, this hair problem can be reduced a lot.

Tips For Preventing

Belief split ends are a problem that cannot be treated or repaired. Once you fall into this problem, you need to get your hair trimmed to get rid of it. As in other diseases, prevention has its own distinguishing status, so does keeping hair healthy and prevention also plays a key role in getting rid of split ends. It can be said for sure that we cannot completely avoid split ends on this but we can definitely limit the problem. So let's know some important tips and techniques. These can help reduce the development of problems like split ends.

•Be Gentle With Your Hairs After Washing Your Hair

Wet hair is prone to damage after washing or showering. Therefore, it is important to take special care of the hair after shampooing and conditioning. Some people have a nasty habit of trying to dry their wet hair by rubbing it well with a towel. And sometimes they rub a towel on dry hair. Which is very harmful process for hair. Repeated rubbing of the hair can also lead to breakage and damage to the cuticles. Due to which split ends of hair can appear. Instead of drying your hair by rubbing it with a towel, you should try to dry it gently with a towel. So that it is easy to keep the hair away from problems like breakage and split ends.

•Detangle Your Hair

Whether hair is wet or dry and tangled, combing or brushing hair can be difficult and complicated. Therefore, it is important to detangle the hair before combing or styling the hair, or drying the hair. So that there is no damage while combing the hair. A wide-toothed comb is beneficial in this category. Because while styling the hair with the help of this comb, its teeth can easily glide through the root and ends of the hair without breaking the hair. Therefore, to protect the hair and strengthen its ends, never leave the hair in a tangled state and separate them before combing.

•Take Care Of Hairs Hydration

Hair can also be protected from split ends by moisturizing the hair. Because dandruff weakens the hair, it also causes split ends. A hair mask should be used at least once a week to moisturize the hair. The mask acts as a conditioning treatment for the hair. Which can help in improving the moisture in the hair. And it is also helpful in eliminating frizziness and dryness of hair. The mask makes the hair soft and shiny and protects the hair from damage. Hair masks can be formulated with a variety of natural oils. To get good results, they can be applied on the hair for 20 to 30 minutes, several hours or even the whole night. Hair masks can be prepared by oneself or purchased from the market. Generally, hair masks can be made with coconut oil, aloe vera, honey or olive oil. All these ingredients play an important role in moisturizing the hair. Along with this, it also protects the hair from split ends.
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•Dial Down The Heat

In order to maintain the hair protein and natural hair oil, we should stay away from heated appliances used for different hair styles. Because using them on a daily basis is likely to dry out the hair, which can lead to further damage. Try to let the hair air dry naturally after washing every time you wash it. And avoid hair styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons or blow dryers and style hair without them. If there is no alternative without using these tools, use heat protectant products on the hair before using them. To minimize potential damage from heat styling products.

•Avoid Over Brushing

There is no doubt that hair style is important for enhancing beauty as well as smart look. But it doesn't mean that we have to carry a brush all day to comb our hair all the time. Excessive combing also damages the hair. Hair should be trimmed once a day for hair styling and hair cleaning. And while brushing, also take care that if the hair is tangled, do not pull them with the help of a brush. Brush the hair gently so as not to damage the hair.

•Use A Silk Pillowcase For Sleeping

It is important to protect the hair even at night for the strength of the hair and to protect the hair from the problem of split ends. For that we should choose silk or satin instead of cotton for our pillowcase. Because silk and satin produce less friction than cotton, due to which hair protection is possible. And prevent hair breakage. Whereas sleeping on a cotton pillowcase causes a lot of friction between the hair and the pillow. Due to which hair can break and there is a risk of hair damage. Many people also wear a silk scarf on their hair while sleeping which protects the hair.

•Add Time Between Hair Treatments

It is also important to have time between hair treatments such as coloring, perming and hair relaxing. Because all these chemicals are treatments and can also cause hair damage, it is important to have time between them to avoid damage. If possible, do not do another hair treatment during the period of one hair treatment as this can lead to problems like split ends instead of benefiting your hair. Use a hair mask once a week and keep conditioning the hair.


Just as hair problems are treated, it is also important to know how to prevent hair problems. This blog talks about some such techniques that can protect you from split ends. By adopting them and following them on a daily basis, it is possible to protect the hair. And split ends of hair can also be avoided.