A Closer Look at the Link Between Nail Condition and Health

We often forget our nails in our daily routine and neither cut them nor clean them in time. But do you know that this small part of your body tells you about many diseases related to your health? Nails can tell you about many health related problems. If you are developing white spots on your nails, changing the color of your nails, or having white or black lines on your nails, then be aware that this is definitely want your attention to a problem in your body.

A Closer Look at the Link Between Nail Condition and Health

What do nails tell about your health?

If you are experiencing these symptoms on your nails, you need to consult your doctor. Because the nails are giving you a timely warning about the problem in your body. But if they are ignored, they can push you into a serious problem. Timely examination by the doctor becomes necessary in this condition. If necessary, blood tests should also be done or the tests recommended by the doctor should be done. So that it is easy to treat. There are some diseases that can affect more than one part of the body. And more can affect the body. And their symptoms can also appear on both hands and feet or on one of them.

A good thing is that sometimes changes in the nails do not indicate a serious problem. Rather, it can be a normal part of daily routine. It is also worth noting that the care of toenails is less than that of hands, due to which problems are seen more on them. Often times your toenails can become yellow and thick.

However, here are some nail problems that indicate health problems. Which needs attention.

Whitening of Nails

If the color of your nails seems out of the ordinary, then you need to pay attention. If the color of your nails has turned whiter than normal nails or they are slightly white, then this nail condition is mycosis (infection in the body), psoriasis (dryness on any part of the body), pneumonia and also this heart. Can also be a sign of failure. Apart from this, the lack of some nutrients in the diet, lack of daily intake and lack of protein in the diet can also cause it. According to some doctors, changing the color of the nails to light yellow indicates the lack of blood in the human body. This is due to lack of iron in food. It happens from Due to this, the nail also takes the shape of a spoon.

Sometimes white spots or streaks known as leukonychia begin to appear on the nails. These are not danger signs nor do they indicate a problem. But still to treat them you should collect all the information from the patient about their history. To overcome more problems.

Yellow Nails

Genetic inheritance and aging of the nails cause the nails to start turning yellow. And gradually this color becomes dark yellow and hard. Yellow nail color also indicates a physical infection, especially a fungal infection. But if the problem is more serious, the yellowing of nails can also indicate dryness in the body, HIV and kidney diseases.

Usually, the nails of smokers also become dirty because they come in direct contact with cigarettes and nicotine. And they are usually seen on the index finger and thumb.

White Spot On The Nails

These white spots, called 'pitting' , are often found on people's nails. These white spots appear on the outer surface of the nails and may appear singly or intermittently. These spots can be related to dandruff or other skin and hair diseases.

White spots on the nails may also be related to alopecia aerate, a hair disease. Which is very important to treat.

Blue Nails

This is rarely seen. But it is still possible for one's nails to be blue. These types of nails may be related to a drug. The most common medications that can cause this problem are nail acne medications, facial acne medications, and malaria medications.

If you are taking any medication and your nails become discolored, be sure to consult your doctor to change the drug that is causing the problem or turn it off.

Roughening Of The Nails

Rough nails are also a common problem that many people are facing. A common cause of this is direct contact of the nails with chemicals. Any chemicals such as soaps containing chemicals or chemicals used in various factories may come into it. When these chemicals are applied to the nails, they cause damage to the upper layer of the nails and the surface of the nails becomes rough. These chemicals make the nails and fingers dry and rough.

The solution to prevent them is to apply a good cream on your nails and hands whenever you do any work that involves direct contact with chemicals and pay attention to the hydration of the skin i.e. do not allow dehydration.

Nail Fungus

Frequent pus in the nails can be a sign of fungus. When it is stopped, it recurs, and when it is treated, it disappears. It can be avoided only by taking good care of it. This problem is mostly seen on toes and nails. You should see a doctor for its treatment so that it can be treated properly. And maintenance during the treatment is also important to achieve the possible results. The treatment should be continued as per the doctor's instructions and no omission should be made. The treatment should be stopped when the doctor says.

Also, to get rid of the fungus problem, you should stay away from swimming pools, saunas, tight and hot shoes. Because all these things can cause the fungus to grow again.


Apart from this, there are many other nail conditions that are related to various other health problems. So if you are facing any condition and it is disturbing you in severe condition then don't delay to consult the doctor and make sure to inform the doctor about all your history so that you can get proper treatment. Along with controlling physical problems, you should also pay attention to the condition of the nails as it can help you diagnose some diseases.